Why You Should Hire a Locksmith to Change Your Door Locks

Many homeowners don’t hire professional security services like Orland Park Locksmith since the current newspaper contains stories about crimes. Piecemeal security measures are the norm in new house buildings. An alarm system may be installed by one business, while another installs exterior lights and door hardware. A thorough security strategy is not part of the pre-construction planning phase. Your home security approach might benefit from the advice of a professional locksmith.

The Right Tools

Is it worth it to go out and spend money on tools that you will only use once? If you employ a professional Locksmith Orland Park, you will have peace of mind knowing that they are prepared to deal with locks of any complexity since they will have all of the necessary equipment with them at all times. As a result, they’ll be able to handle doors and locks made from various materials.

Fast Replacement

An established, professional residential locksmith Orland Park firm has a staff of professionals that are well-versed in all sorts of locks and locking systems on call at all times. As a result of their 24/7 availability, these specialists are always on call and ready to help. Many modern security systems may be installed in less than a day with high-quality labour and no errors to fix later.


Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when you decide to replace your own locks. In order to finish the project, you may be required to purchase all necessary equipment. A professional commercial locksmith Orland Park might have saved you money when it would have taken you to acquire all the locks and tools you’ll need. Because a locksmith is trained and equipped, you just pay for the work done.


If you attempt to change your locks on your own, you may run into difficulties, such as a door that won’t shut entirely or that won’t operate properly. Your home will be safe and secure with the help of a professional locksmith who has the necessary training and skills. Many expert locksmiths guarantee their services, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be there to help you if anything goes wrong.

Multiple Services

A professional locksmith may provide you with more services, even if you know how to change your locks yourself. There are a lot of locksmith businesses that install master key systems, keyless entry systems, security devices for back doors, and buzzer entry systems. In addition, they are able to provide high-security lock installation, emergency lockout services, and lock repair and upkeep. In the long run, hiring a professional automotive locksmith Orland Park is preferable to trying to fix the problem yourself (DIY). The internet has a slew of licensed locksmiths accessible to the general public.


Companies that provide locksmith services are experts in opening locks, installing new ones, and making significant repairs. The cost of rekeying locks is low, and the procedure is quick and easy. Locksmiths are equipped with cutting-edge technology and knowledge to guarantee that every customer receives the best possible service. Locks fitted by them are of the highest quality and will keep your building safe.

What Are the Licensing Requirements for A Locksmith in Illinois?

According to CareerExplorer, Illinois has the sixth-largest locksmith market in the United States, which suggests there is a lot of competition. However, there may still be sufficient demand to find a job or establish your own company like Orland Park Locksmith! You cannot work as a locksmith in Illinois unless you have a locksmith license. An examination must be passed to get a license. We’ll walk you through the whole process in just five simple steps.

  • Make Sure You Have What It Takes to Get A Locksmith’s License

The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation governs the licensing of locksmiths in the state of Illinois (IDFPR). The following are the prerequisites for obtaining a locksmith’s license:

  • Minimum Age: A company owner must be at least 21 years old, and an employee must be at least 18 years old.
  • Verification Of Criminal History: Fingerprinting and a background check are required for employment. You will not be granted a license until you have completed these procedures.
  • Successfully Complete a Test: Pay $50 to sit for a locksmith licensure test and pass with a passing score.
  • Insurance: Liability insurance must be shown by business owners.
  • Clear A Criminal History Check

It would help if you got your fingerprints taken to receive a locksmith license since you must pass a background check. An extensive list of fingerprinting providers is provided by the IDFPR, the licensing organization, so that you may make an appointment. Applicants must provide their fingerprints to the Department or the testing vendor within sixty days after submitting their application data. The IDFPR will get the findings electronically from the Illinois State Police after a complete investigation. There is a $32 filing fee.

  • The Locksmith Licensing Test Must Be Passed

Registration and passing of the Locksmith Licensing Examination are requirements for an Illinois locksmith license. The test is offered twice a year, in March and September, for a fee of $50. Where and how do you take the license examination? Locksmith Orland Park licensing examinations may be taken online at Continental Testing Services, where you can register and log in. You have four hours to finish the test.

IDPFR permits you to take the Associated Locksmiths of America certification exam (AOLA). In addition, this test needs a $500 cost, and it must be taken no more than three years previous to applying. No official training or certification is required.

  • Pay A Fee to Apply

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requires an application fee of $174.

  • Submit Your Application

Bring your residential locksmith Orland Park application and any supporting documentation to the IDFPR in person.

If You Want to Be a Locksmith, Do You Need to Have A Licence?

If you’re not a locksmith, you may not know that the industry is unregulated. No recognized governing body exists to establish standards for the locksmith industry. There is no necessity to finish training or receive a license to perform as a commercial locksmith Orland Park.


Locksmiths play a critical role in the safety of people’s homes, workplaces, and automobiles. One of the first steps in becoming a licensed locksmith in Illinois is getting your own company started. Make sure you use only the most reliable automotive locksmith Orland Park  wholesalers to assist your company in flourishing once you’ve obtained your license.

3 Pro Tools To Open Your Locked Car

Locking doors is simple. Modern automobiles have button-locking doors. Sometimes we accidentally do simple tasks. Three simple approaches used by Orland Park Locksmith to unlock an automobile have unlimited combinations. Unlike door lock technology, automobiles are updated annually, and people aim to make them survive as long as possible. Auto re-entry offers a variety of alternatives. Once you have all the solutions, you can get back in your automobile.

  • Wedge and Probe

Auto locksmiths often wedge open doors. This procedure from Locksmith Orland Park seems dangerous but isn’t. Wedging is among the safest methods to unlock an automobile. Car door wedged between door and door frame. It’s shoved into the crevice to establish an access point for long-reach equipment. If you own a 1996-2000 BMW, you’ll need to get the keys (hopefully not in the trunk). These BMWs switch off the battery when the keys are out, and they have ineffective electronic door locks. If you don’t have a 96-2000 BMW, it’s easy. Use a wedge to open the door and a long rod to manipulate the locks.

  • Probe Tools

As with wedges, probing tool options are infinite. These instruments from residential locksmith Orland Park can open the door with a wedge. Probing the hole and loosening the lock may release the wedge. The probe’s operation varies by automobile make and model. Most automobiles can be unlocked with a rod, but not all. Many American automobile manufacturers feature side sliding locks or side push buttons, which may need a hook probe. A hook may be utilized to recover your keys if the battery dies. A dead battery might impair the electrical mechanisms that unlock door locks. A tool with a hook or lasso eyelet for vertical locks is also helpful (also known as post locks). To unlock a car with a lasso or hook, just pull up.

  • Closed Doorway Tools

Slim Jims are often used to unlock cars. This is the most typical closed doorway tool, meaning the door stays sealed when the automobile is opened. These tools from commercial locksmith Orland Park are inserted between the window glass and door weather stripping. Slim Jim works well on upright locks, with a few exceptions. Slim Jim requires precision and a gentle touch.

Misuse of a tool within a door may harm wiring and electronics. The Slim Jim is pushed until the upright lock moves. After moving the lock, the Slim Jim may be dragged up to open the door. Like a 78 Firebird, older automobiles may be unlocked by pushing the Slim Jim over the keyhole. There is no universal Slim Jim application, but the upwards pull the best way since too much experimenting might damage your vehicle door.

There are innumerable more closed doorway gadgets that operate by entering the door via the space between the window glass and the weatherstripping. They differ from Slim Jims in that most of them depend on reappearing on the opposite side of the window. Once the instrument reaches the opposite side, it will be formed per its intended function.


Now that you’ve unlocked your automobile, you can adapt to any scenario used by automotive locksmith Orland Park. Don’t be overwhelmed; be prepared. Give a friend or family a spare key if possible. Search for unprepared remedies if worst comes to worst; you never know.